[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c06

Finally, I have finished the chapter I had skipped before. Apparently, no one really cared if I translated this one or not, but as I want to translate the whole book, I just felt like I had to…

This one is actually chapter 5,  but for the sake of continuity let’s call it chapter 6, ok? If I ever finish translating the whole thing I’ll rename and put them in the right order.

The chapter is about Mimi-chan, an innocent and naive girl who is obsessed with panties, and the usual guys who are obsessed with her. This story retains a bit of the humor and style, but towards the end it seems like the author had run out of good ideas and was just trying to finish the story in any way possible. It also had a more aggressive tone halfway through that didn’t quite appeal to me, but well, someone might like it.

In my opinion, this was a hard chapter to translate, as there were many lines that did not make any sense to me, and there were some jokes that wouldn’t work in english if translated, so I had to “adapt” them in a way that fit the context. If something is translated wrong or doesn’t make sense, please tell me in the comments.

Download: Rapidshare / Megaupload / 4shared

This is going to be my last translation for now, as I’m going to be rather busy in February and won’t be able to work on any translations.

As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.


4 Responses to “[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c06”

  1. Azarius Says:

    Well, I did care…
    Thanks for the translation!

  2. bottomtooth Says:

    Keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed your work. Thanks.

  3. FallenSoul Says:


  4. bottomtooth Says:

    Please keep up your great work.

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