The calm between the storms

Hi there folks. Sorry for the long absence, but things haven’t been exactly easy on my side lately. I have been busy with tests, interviews and whatnot, and on top of that my recurring depressive mood has been keeping me from working on anything other than the current top priorities in my life. And right now, I’m royally pissed that I missed Comiket altogether…

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the translation altogether, ok?

I’ve been now searching for that manga (Onna no ko nado Boshuuchuu) for months, with no success. I really wanted to buy a copy of it, even if only to say I’m not just leeching someone’s work and not giving anything back. And I wanted a physical copy, as I see no point in paying to download a PDF of it when I already have some good quality scans.

So, as it seemed impossible to find it in any stores around here (I’ve covered pretty much every inch of Akihabara, believe me), and the ones available on amazon cost 3 times the regular price, I tried to contact the publisher. Looks like not even they have it anymore, and a reprint is out of the question unfortunately.

Then, I tried the next best thing and contacted the author himself. He told me he’s sorry, but it seems nothing can be done about finding it nowadays. He really liked the fact that I’m trying to translate the book though, even if he can’t really give me permission to keep on doing it due to copyright laws here in Japan, and due to the fact authors usually don’t want their work to be widely known overseas. In any case, I can still keep on doing it as long as I make it clear that whatver I publish here is not endorsed by neither the author nor the publisher.


Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I have other things to announce…

As the title of this post implies, things are going to get really busy in the next month, so I don’t think I’ll be able to release anything in the meantime. But I guess no one was expecting a new release so soon, right?

In the meantime I might be able to keep this updated with random posts about manga/anime/loli related things that I come across around here, if you guys happen to be interested. If not, I’ll update again only when I have something meaningful to post (i.e. a translated chapter). So as always, feel free to leave your opinions on the comments.

See you next time.


3 Responses to “The calm between the storms”

  1. JukanX Says:

    Have you tried Yahoo Auctions? Seems to be the go-to place to get out-of-print doujins in Japan, perhaps it will work for mangas too.
    Not that the author or publisher will get a cut out of your purchase, though, so it kinda defeats the purpose of not leeching…

    Sucks to miss Comiket if you were willing to attend; as for myself, I cannot stand long queues so it was out the questions when I was in Tokyo during C69.

    Best wishes for your upcoming endeavors, and take care.

  2. Razgriz Says:

    Well welcome back.

    Well if you buy a book from a place that originally bought the book then the author already got royalties from the sold book. The same sense in buying a used game from a gamestore. The only profit is to the game company.

  3. Shake Says:

    Pretty awesome of the author.

    Anyway, take your time and keep safe

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