Death and Rebirth

Hi folks. I know I haven’t updated this in quite a while, but things have been quite chaotic lately.

Those closer to me probably already know, but I’ve moved to another city, and in doing so, spent a whole month without internet, and no time or patience to work on things. Work has been quite demanding lately, and the long hours leave me tired and with no free time to think about anything.

Furthermore, I’m going through one of the worst depressive periods I’ve had in years, so it’s hard to find the motivation to do anything but the strictly necessary for my life here. Even so, I’ll try to stay alive and do some activities here and there to keep me thinking people need me for some things (not that any of you care about that, anyway).

And to put a cherry on top of all that, my HD crashed this week, and with that I lost my previous translations, the one I was working on, and all my loli stuff, that I had been carefully collecting since I was 12 years old… I feel like a part of me just died with what I had, but as sad as it is, life goes on and I have no choice but to start all over.

Physical backups: not only for show anymore

Physical "backups": not just for show anymore

Even so, I had some rare doujins, and some other things that people don’t distribute “freely” around anymore, as the “golden age” of the loli boards is now long gone. As such, I’ll have to scavenge whatever doujins I used to have before if I want to keep on translating.

In any case, there are some things I need more “urgently”, so if anyone could provide me or help me find those, it’d be of great help:

– A good version of Onna no ko nado Boshuuchuu (the one I got is missing pages)

– A torrent, or pack of Chokudokan doujins (want to work on Please Teach me 4 and 5 sometime in the future)

-Hamtaro doujins (I had a couple that had “interesting” stories to translate)

-Digimon doujins (there was a pack somewhere, but those things are never around when we need them, eh?)

And here is a sneak peek of the chapter I’m working on (and had to start over), so that you guys don’t go out saying I just ask for stuff and give nothing in return:

Click for full size

Click for full size

Well, that’s it for now. This chapter is not particularly interesting (specially if compared to the first ones), but as I said, can’t get picky halfway through. I’ll try to finish it by this weekend, but as people say, “it’ll be done when it’s done”.

17 Responses to “Death and Rebirth”

  1. tonigobe Says:

    Glad you’re still alive and kicking, Rizel. Sorry to hear about the down stuff, but hopefully things are turning around for you. (New translation coming up? Looks like it’s turning around already! ^_^) My raw manga files are a mess, but I’ll dig through what I got to see if I can help. Take care and don’t work too hard.!

    • rizelbr Says:

      Thanks. I’ll try to keep things working at an acceptable rate here. My japanese has improved lots in the last few months, but even so I already got stuck at a part in this chapter (oh, the irony…). Thanks for the help, I’ll try to lurk moar and find what I need. ^^

  2. Azure Xuchilbara Says:

    Hey, welcome back…I’ve been a quite fan of your translations and I’m very sorry to hear about the lose of your cake drive…

    I had a similar experience happening to me when I lost my hard-earned cake…

    Anyway, here’s a site that has a lot of cake…

    Have you ever heard of “”..?

    It’s got tons of loli doujins and updated daily…

    Check it out…And I hope you get everything back…

    • rizelbr Says:

      Thanks. I’ve tried, but unfortunately, they don’t keep much doujin material, only full mangas for the most part. And that download system they have gets on my nerves sometimes… But I guess I’ll just have to wait until someone posts something I had and held dear….

  3. JukanX Says:

    My copy of Boshuuchuu, while being the same quality as yours, seems to be complete; there aren’t any holes in the file numbering, I’ve also checked a number of chapters and they start at the right pages, so it should be okay. Here’s the link (Rapidshare).

    I’m uploading to Rapidshare two packs of all that I could find of Chokudokan on my hard disks; the total size is 276 MB, including your translations of PTmS 2 and 3 in case you’ve lost them too. I should be able to post the links in something like 12 hours, sorry but my crappy uplink is slow as molasses…

    • rizelbr Says:

      Thank you very much!!! It’s really hard to find something when you need it, even though people go posting it around when you don’t. =)
      I just feel bad for not having the time to go find some things myself…

  4. te 2r Says:

    Damn. If you have (or get) a second drive / another networked PC / a NAS box etc, you should grab SyncBack (freeware), configure a backup routine and run it periodically. Being a digital artist, my whole life is basically in the computer. It’d be the end of the world if I lost all of it. I’ve had enough close calls in the past to teach me about backups and peace of mind.

    • rizelbr Says:

      Yeah, I thought about that.. I almost transferred everything to another drive last month. Didn’t think it was such a god idea and gave up. Guess I’ll HAVE to backup everything if I ever get it back.

  5. Azure Xuchilbara Says:

    Here is my entire Chokudokan Collection including ones that came out

    on C76…

    47 Doujins, 413 MB:

    Be warned that Chokudokan also did shota and if that’s not your thing,

    you can just delete it…

    I also took the liberty to save each and every single translation you did

    in a zip file since I’ve stumbled on your site…Here it is…

    Hope this helps start things up for you….

    Let me know if you are looking for a particular loli artist and I’ll help you

    to the best of my knowledge…

    • rizelbr Says:

      Thank you very much!!!

      I’ll download those as soon as I get home, and start sorting them out. Hope you don’t mind if I mirror that file on RS and MU and include them in a following post. =)

      • Azure Xuchilbara Says:

        By all means…You translators have it rough since Blogspot and WordPress are always deleting blogs…Not to mention moralfags making file sharing hosts delete your uploaded doujins and translations…Good night~

  6. secret Says:

    Here is 9 chokudokan books who may be or are in that package, I don’t know as I didn’t bother dl it, those are a few chokudokan books we have released, some is quite old so the scan quality isn’t the best, some of them are also insanely rare.

    You can find even more of them in our release list here:

    also if you contact me there ( tene ) I can probably hock you up with majority of the loli artwork out there.

    • rizelbr Says:

      Thanks, I’ll browse it as soon as I have the time. I still need to write a list of what I am still missing, and see what I need to do to find those.

  7. MewMew197 Says:

    Welcome back Rizel, really sucks on what happened and hopefully you get all of your collection back. Hope you get everything back in order.

  8. Shake Says:

    Damn bro, nothing to say but that I’ve been there in my life where things weren’t going right from me.

    If its any consolation, things have turned out for the best for me and many others, so just hang in there and make those necessary incremental changes.

  9. Viraqua Says:

    Get on Flatchan so I can torment you XD

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