[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c08

Ok, this one was rather quick, I guess.

I’d like to thank everyone for the support and kind words in a moment of need, it gave me the motivation to start working on this again. Now if I just had people so helpful with other issues in my life… ^^’

So, without further ado:

This chapter tells the story of Kotomi and her mother, whose house was invaded by people from the depths of the earth. I guess that you can already imagine what will happen to them…

This story wasn’t particularly interesting, and it looked “sillier” than the average ones, but don’t worry, the book seems to get better from now on.

Download: Rapidshare / Megaupload / 4shared

Also, I’d like to introduce a new “feature” here in the blog. In order to prevent files from being taken down from the server and/or me losing another backup due to stupidity and/or HD failures, and because some people seem to love their loli but hate Rapidshare, I’ve set “mirrors” to all translations on Megaupload and 4shared. I’ll soon edit the posts of the past translations to add the new links, ok?

Also, special thanks to Azure Xuchilbara and JukanX for sending me the files I needed on such short notice. You guys rock!! ^^

I’m still looking for Hamtaro and Digimon doujins, so if you have any you like feel free to send them over. I might even translate them one day.

Oh, and I’d like to ask you guys about what translation I should do next, I don’t know if I should keep on with the next chapter, or if I should stop and do another doujin (probably Please Teach me 4) to change the pace for a bit. So feel free to vote below:

I’ll leave this up until about Tuesday next week, when I’ll start working on whatever you guys decide.

Just one more thing: I was thinking about adding something else to the site, maybe a “FAQ” section, so if you have anything you’d like to ask me, feel free to send me an e-mail: rizeltrans_at_gmail.com (substitute _at_ for @). If I think it is a good question and of general interest, I’ll consider builidng a FAQ.

Guess that’s all for now. Have fun. =)

12 Responses to “[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c08”

  1. yeller Says:

    Thanks for the release! 🙂 Glad to see you are still finishing this up.

  2. blackborne Says:

    What kind of Digimon doujin are you looking for exactly? Tamer x Tamer, Digimon x Tamer, Digimon x Digimon? If you know DigimonHentaiZone I still have some from theirs.

    • rizelbr Says:


      I was looking for mainly Tamer x Tamer doujins, specially the ones with hikari from season one (one of my favorite characters), but as things are, anything would be welcome. I see there’s a torrent around containing all the DHZ archives, but no seeds…

      • blackborne Says:

        The DHZ Doujins that I have with Hikari are Digitamas 1, 2, and 5, Juke de Ketsukacchin, Yagamikunchi no Katei Jijyou, Yagami-san chino Katei Jijou, and Zero Two. If in case you can’t find these titles in Azure’s zip just say so and I’ll upload them.

        Also, thanks to Azure for his zip!

      • rizelbr Says:

        Thanks, blackborne. It seems I already have most of the digimon ones I used to have. The ones I need are some pretty rare ones that unfortunately, looks like only I had…

  3. Azure Xuchilbara Says:

    Hey there…Here is my Digimon and Hamtaro doujinshi collections…

    The first one is a download I got from a torrent…

    Are you familiar with “The Digimon Hentai Zone”..? It’s a fansite with a ton

    of Digimon artwork, mangas, and doujins…Anyway, I got everything

    from that site in this zip…I think I have every Digimon doujin…

    There is shota in there too, so be wary…


    And here is my entire Hamtaro Archives…CG, Pics, Doujins, Flashes…


    There are about 9 Hamtaro doujins in there…Everything on the net…

    I hope this helps grow your collection…

  4. jokerjr Says:

    Well since you were asking what to translate next i could give you a good choice. How bout translating Chicchyaitoko-suki – Takeshi Ohta (loli) [06-05-10]. You can find this file anywhere. ITS awesome. I had been wanting it to be translated for a long time now ^^. Hope you could do the honor. TQ

  5. Zathael Says:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter. Sorry to hear about all your problems lately, including the loss of your hard drive. I am quite happy to see all of the help you received in getting your old stuff back and all the new raw files you were looking for.

    I would also like to suggest that you try pant.su again. They have a *ton* of the stuff from Comiket available, with many of then having Hotfiile, EasyShare, or Rapidshare mirrors, in addition to their .DLC links. But I will admit it would take quite a while to go through their archives to find all the C76 stuff.

    If there is a specific doujin you want the raw for or a specific artist that you are interested in, I am willing to go through the pant.su archives for you and post what I find here. Just let me know.

    • rizelbr Says:

      I already browsed pant.su, but as things are they only have the “recent” stuff, that can be found pretty much anywhere nowadays. I’m mostly concerned about the stuff I had collected more than 10 years ago, that cannot be found easily anymore. As it seems, only I had some of those…

      But thanks for the help anyway.

      • Zathael Says:

        Ok, I thought you had said something earlier about missing Comiket, so I thought you were still looking for all the C76 stuff. If you already have all of that and are looking for older stuff, then I am sorry but I can’t help you. Best of luck in finding that stuff, and thanks again for all that you have done here.

      • rizelbr Says:

        Yeah, I missed Comiket alright.. (hope I can catch it next year)
        But fortunately, I can still find some of the originals for sale around here. The older ones, however, are a pain to find…

        And thanks again for the comment and your initiative. I’ll try to keep the translations coming. =)

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