Please Teach Me 4 (EN-US)

As promised, here it is, the 4th volume in the Please Teach Me series. In my opinion, there isn’t anything particularly special about this issue, but it sure brings me good memories, and I hope it feels the same for all you guys.

This edition, like the previous ones, is almost devoid of any meaningful story, and instead focuses on the lewd acts themselves, leaving little to think about, and even less to our imaginations. The second chapter tries to “spice things up” by adding a bit of plot, in a “what if” sense.  Well, we can’t really complain, can we? The authors themselves have stated that this is a series intended for “practical uses” so…

As for the rest, if it was their objective, they did a good job of portraying Sakura as a slut. I’m not particularly happy to see things unfold like that for a character I’ve grown to love, but maybe I was expecting too much from a doujin like this…

Anyway, without further ado:

Download: Rapidshare / Megaupload / 4shared

This was a rather quick translation, as the “plot” (as short as it may have been) was simple enough to translate, and the “rough” nature of the doujin didn’t require any kind of fine editing, so it saved me a lot of time and effort. I still don’t know if it was really easy in itself or if my skills have improved somehow. Guess I’ll leave that to popular opinion.

As for if I’ll translate the following volume, I don’t know yet. While I have seen the 5th one around (and happen to own a copy), I really haven’t taken the time to see if it is worth a translation.

And about the next project…. Hmm… maybe the 10th chapter of Onna no ko nado Boshuuchuu? Does anyone else have a better idea?

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

15 Responses to “Please Teach Me 4 (EN-US)”

  1. DLK Says:

    Could you try some of the akkan-bi project doujins by hirohiko yanagi? I don’t know if they’re worth translating though, but the art is pretty good for some of the sakura doujins. <– An example of one of his sakura doujins. He has like 5 or 6 of them. Most of his doujins go from forced rape to happy mind break sex.

  2. Chibicon Says:

    Umm… how about Please Teach Me 1?

    I’m good with Onna no ko nado Boshuuchuu. I like completion.

    • rizelbr Says:

      All the copies of Please Teach Me 1 I’ve seen around have been badly scanned… They are unreadable, and so, untranslatable. =/

  3. yeller Says:

    CCS is love

  4. Zathael Says:

    Thanks a lot for the translation, and my vote is for Onna no ko nado Boshuuchuu Ch 10. I would also like to see Please Teach Me 5 at some point if you think it is “worth it”.

  5. Azure Xuchilbara Says:

    Awesome…I have been waiting ages for this…

    Thank you…

  6. Shake Says:


    Well, heres one:

    Download link;

    They apparently have a second one on Kyons sister as well, but I haven’t really looked it up. The scan I have is 1139×1600, which should be good enough. But, again, just a suggestion.

    • rizelbr Says:


      Thanks for the suggestion!! ^^
      However, I doubt I’ll ever look much in to it, as I don’t want to translate anything that is not “pure” loli.

  7. Shake Says:

    where are my motherfucking manners?


  8. Anon Says:

    Just wanted to give a give THANK YOU for the translation of this and the previous 2 in the series. I’ve always wanted to see what they were actually saying, what little dialogue there is. Really appreciate it!

    Also, as was said earlier, would love for you to do PTM 5, if possible. 😀

  9. alquimista852 Says:

    Dont you have Please Teach Me 1?? I already downloaded the other 4 but I cnt find the #1 😦

    • rizelbr Says:

      Please Teach Me 1 is still a work in progress. I’m close to finishing translating it, but due to other obligations I probably won’t be able to finish so soon. But eventually…

  10. Sil Says:

    1) If you are still doing “Please Teach Me 1”?then this site would help as it hi-res:

    2) Would you do “Please Teach Me 5”?

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