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[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c11

December 17, 2009

Here it is folks, the final “real” chapter of Onna no ko nado Boshuuchuu. Didn’t expect to get this done or get anywhere near the end of the book before the end of the year but what do you know, life is indeed full of surprises.

But let’s get right to the point, shall we?

This story is about a girl studying at a mysterious Magic school, and who has to go great lengths to be able to do a certain assignment for homework.

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This chapter isn’t particularly interesting or well-drawn in my opinion… It looks like an earlier work that the author just wanted to cram in the book. Regardless, this is the last chapter of the book, or at least the last one that contains anything that might interest the random perverts out on the internet. There is one more omake chapter, but as it doesn’t contain much anyone would like to read or *ahem* “use”, I don’t know if I’m going to translate it or not.

So I leave it up to you guys. Should I translate the omake part, or should I start a new project (whatever it may be)?

I’ll leave this up for a week or so, or until I am actually in the mood to translate again.

And no, I’m not feeling better. Thanks for the interest anyway.

[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c10

December 11, 2009

So folks here it is, the 10th chapter of Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu. I didn’t expect to get this finished so soon, because as I stated on the previous post, I’m going through some rough times (again).

But well, while I’m not feeling even an ounce better than before, I promised my next post would be something “useful” and not a rant for a change, so here we go…

This story is about a traveler that gets lost during a snowstorm, and so he ends up being found by a group of “bunny” girls. Those girls can save his life, but they need his help before they can do anything for him. The help, as usual, is what you think it is.

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This story wasn’t exactly hard to translate, and there was nothing particularly interesting about the story, but oh well… at least the art looks nice on this one.

Anyway, there’s what you people came here for. Now I’ll just crawl back to my corner and feel sorry for myself a little bit more…

Sober and Irrelevant

December 5, 2009

Hi there folks.

No, I’m not dead yet. Just wanted to write something to keep you people posted on how things are going (if anyone cares, that is). The current project… no, I didn’t give up on it just yet, it’s just that things haven’t been easy for me lately, so it’s currently “on hold” until I’m able to get started on it again.

The reason for that, well… As I believe I said in an earlier post, I’m prone to have a few depressive periods in which I can’t do anything at all. I usually have one of those every 2 months or so and they last, in average, a week. However, the one I’m going through is worse than the ones I have regularly, and it’s been going on for 4 months now.

That’s 4 months of living pretty much like a hikikomori, not going out to do anything, avoiding unnecessary contact with other human beings and crying myself to sleep. Going through something like that when you’re somewhere where you don’t know many people and have to work hard to keep your position is not good at all, so I’ve tried to find some help, professional this time.

As for the results of that… I took a month or so of counseling that didn’t help me at all and only made me feel like I’m completely hopeless and helpless, and made me sure that no one will ever do anything to help me. On top of that I was prescribed a medication, that apparently does nothing it’s supposed to do. The side-effects however, work like a charm.

I almost cut my wrists a couple of weeks ago, but I guess I’m too much of a loser to follow through even with the lamest method of suicide out there. Rumor has it that there are more effective methods around here, but even going out after those requires more effort and willpower that I’m capable of at the moment.

So I’m lonely, depressed, in a nearly suicidal state, avoiding social contact, and on top of that the medicine keeps me sedated and totally kills my sex drive. And I can’t even drink to ease the pain as the side-effects get worse if I do that. For the moment, I’m limited to sitting still and hoping for things to get better, and from my experience they never do.

In any case, I really want to at least finish this project before I go out and do something stupid that I can’t even regret afterwards, so I’ll try to work on the current translation and have something out before the end of this month. Just don’t get mad if I’m not capable of doing even that, ok?

Just needed to let off some steam and get some things out of my chest. I promise my next post will contain something actually useful for a change of pace.

See you next time.