[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c11

Here it is folks, the final “real” chapter of Onna no ko nado Boshuuchuu. Didn’t expect to get this done or get anywhere near the end of the book before the end of the year but what do you know, life is indeed full of surprises.

But let’s get right to the point, shall we?

This story is about a girl studying at a mysterious Magic school, and who has to go great lengths to be able to do a certain assignment for homework.

Download: Rapidshare / Megaupload / 4shared

This chapter isn’t particularly interesting or well-drawn in my opinion… It looks like an earlier work that the author just wanted to cram in the book. Regardless, this is the last chapter of the book, or at least the last one that contains anything that might interest the random perverts out on the internet. There is one more omake chapter, but as it doesn’t contain much anyone would like to read or *ahem* “use”, I don’t know if I’m going to translate it or not.

So I leave it up to you guys. Should I translate the omake part, or should I start a new project (whatever it may be)?

I’ll leave this up for a week or so, or until I am actually in the mood to translate again.

And no, I’m not feeling better. Thanks for the interest anyway.

14 Responses to “[Project] Onna no Ko nado Boshuuchuu c11”

  1. JukanX Says:

    As always, thanks for the translation.

    Regarding the omake chapter, I don’t really know; it seems kinda funny for an author rant, but probably not worth the trouble to translate with such an amount of scrawled text.

  2. Noir Says:

    Can you upload a Batch download link of the whole volume?

  3. Azure Xuchilbara Says:

    This is just what I needed to warm up for the holidays…Thanks, Rizel~

  4. 2Hip Says:

    Big thanks all the great translations.

    I voted a strong yes, for completion. To go this far, and not finish it, Would just be a shame.


  5. Shake Says:

    I’ll be honest and say that I’m not crying for you every night

    But it does but a 😦 on my face when you say you’re not ‘feeling better’.

    Ah well, I got tasks to deal with as well, so I’ll concentrate on mines too.

  6. Zathael Says:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter. Take care.

  7. mewmew197 Says:

    Thanks for the chapter and all your hard work on it Rizel.

  8. Razgriz Says:

    Hello again. Just checking in to see how you are.

  9. Azure Xuchilbara Says:

    Haha, better than a cup of hot chocolate…Happy New Year, Rizel~

  10. JohnBob Says:

    Just discovered your website today, and am appreciative of the effort you have put forth to create these translations.

    I hope things are going better for you, depression is a nasty thing, I struggle with it myself.

    Just know that what you do does make a difference. Maybe not world-shattering, but still a difference; I could do nothing to compare with the translations, for example.

  11. Haborym Says:

    oi, d’ya ever use your msn anymore :v

  12. Eundian Says:

    Hello! I love your work so far (stumbled on to the site yesterday). Just want to say that your doing a great job and I hope you can overcome your spouts of depression one day.

  13. Inadvent Says:

    My vote goes for finishing the omake chapter, so you can finally get this project out your way, and the people like me asking you to please finish it already (a win/win situation IMO).

    And it’s too bad to hear your still not feeling well, but I do hope you recover just in time for the holidays.


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