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May 3, 2010

Took me an eternity, but I could finally get my hands on these:

Finally I can translate Please Teach Me without having to bother with the shitty unreadable scans that have been on the internet since it was released.

In other words, expect a new translation soon.

By the way, given the way I usually buy doujinshi, I ended up buying a couple of repeated ones. I don’t actually search for them actively (with the exception of the ones in the picture above), so I depend on luck to find ones that interest me. That means that I don’t even bother to keep track of the ones I already have when I find interesting ones to buy (they are quite rare).

Long story short, I have these 2 “extra” doujins here:

So if anyone is interested in any of those, make me an offer and I’ll send them your way (provided you know a safe way to mail those and pay for postage). I really don’t have any room for them here, and instead of returning them to the shop I’d rather hand them over to someone who would really appreciate them.

Contact me through the comments section or e-mail if you’re interested.