Does anyone still read this blog?

If there is still enough interest, I might resume translating when I have time.

42 Responses to “So…”

  1. JukanX Says:

    Well, I’m still subscribed to your feed so I guess it counts as a yes. Admittedly at the moment it’s in the Discontinued folder, but I can fish it out no problem 😉 .
    Seen anything that tickles your interest in the meantime? Sadly no better scans of PTMS 1 and 5 have surfaced in the meantime…

    • rizelbr Says:


      Seen a couple of doujins that I might translate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone already got to them first.
      I wish I could make better scans, but I can’t afford a scanner nor do I have space for it…

  2. guest Says:


  3. el sucio Says:

    Of course we do

  4. rotadent1 Says:

    Been waiting all this time

  5. unohoo Says:

    I still check it occasionally –

  6. anon156 Says:

    Yeah, rss owns.

  7. Meat Popsicle Says:

    Absolutely not. Who READS anymore? 😛

  8. snailcunt Says:

    I keep you in my RSS list and have no plans to remove you. It would be really cool if you felt like translating.

  9. yeller Says:


  10. randumb Says:


  11. plasmamiticMITIC Says:

    fuck yeah, i’ll never give up on you

  12. browser Says:

    It’s on my list that I check every few days.

  13. Tsurupettan Loev Says:

    Yep still check this site regularly, if for no other reason it’s in my in my saved sessions for updates. I don’t remove sites until there’s absolute word that it’s dead =)

  14. Arucardo Says:

    I’m subscribed to it via RSS.

  15. Shake Says:

    I thought you were dead.

    Anyway, How’s life? Still kicking your ass? Kick back

    or something

  16. Me Says:

    Assumed you were dead, but checked in now and then. Still curious if you were going to do PTM1 like the previous post before the disappearance indicated.

  17. offsetmatter Says:

    I hope you’ll continue your work. Thought you were dead, tho. You’re great!

  18. Morgukai Says:

    I check in once two weeks, hoping for something new.

  19. MisterDegenerate Says:

    I check in about once a month, I’m hopeful you’ll continue the good work.

  20. YamiJC Says:

    i do

  21. Darworth Says:

    always hoped you came back!

  22. M Says:

    I still check in sometimes.
    How are you?

  23. Silver Wolf Says:

    I do

  24. Hig Says:

    plz dont go away….

  25. SameOld Says:

    Hell yeah. It’s on my bookmarks and I check it regularly.
    I hope you get the time to translate again soon. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve translated so far.
    By the way, I freaking love the Ojamajo Doremi doujin. The very first entry, if I’m not mistaken. So funny!

    So, do you have anything particular in mind if you get busy translating again?
    Anything that you look at and think “I just gotta translate that?”

    • rizelbr Says:

      Hey! Unfortunately I haven’t got the time to translate anything recently.

      Happy that you enjoy the old translations though.

      I have a couple of other projects in mind, but unfortunately it seems they will have to wait…

  26. owowo12 Says:

    Yep, I check back every now and then. When you used to translate more often I used to check the site out like 2-3 times a week.

    I hope you’ll continue your translations and THANKS FOR TRANSLATING WHAT YOU HAVE SO FAR!!!

  27. Venzoh Says:

    I’d like to see the others! 🙂

  28. comment Says:

    Well, you are in the “not active” category of my links so you are usually ignored when I go on download sprees. But if you start working again I’ll have to move it to active

  29. Thanks a lot ! Says:

    Discover this blog quite recently.
    If you translate again, i propose other works by Gabyonuno !.
    i never find such a sense of humor anywhere in lolicon-artist -except maybe Hoshino fuuta, wich is already translated a lot-.

    And of course, i discover the work of Gabyonuno thanks to your beautiful translations !
    Wish you the best for your next works. (and sorry for my poor english…)

  30. Dr_Demento Says:

    If it is editing that is the problem, I might be able to help!
    THAT IS MY EMAIL ADDRESS! I would like to help!

  31. T Says:

    Gabyonuno is good! I would like to see some of the new works from Tetsu/Banubee Friends too…

  32. Ken Man Says:

    this comic got season 2?

  33. God Says:

    Come back to us! We need you!

  34. Fan Says:

    I check here occasionally. I’d love to see more translations, especially anything Card Captor Sakura!

  35. Raziel Says:

    any new?

  36. Fan Says:

    I don’t suppose you still ever look here? Any plans to come back?

  37. Shake Says:

    RIP dead dude

  38. Frank Yeager Says:

    here here

  39. Zevs Says:

    Well, this is not a correct question. While people do not read this blog, they for sure read your translation at exhentai, pururin & etc. And will still do for many many years to come. 😉

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